Sonnet #3

To know it, you must know starlight
Be acquainted with night’s face, the deep of dusk’s insistent lips
And put your hands not put to waste, stroke forth indigo night
unafraid of ink stains, rusty pen tips.

Brave the haunted gleam, but sweet from afar
Proves dead when seen in closer space
Life’s breath stays each burning star,
Some things unwiped from the moon’s tired face.

Endure atmospheric tension, burn to raze skin
Sear worth and joy to weary bone
Yet beneath the vast ceiling of night, dulcet sin,
When dawn pale grows, will find man alone.

Dusty pinpoints upon which lovers’ eyes rely.
We wait for dusk’s return, once again to try.


Sonnet #2

An insult, feeling life a spill
To hearts which sang but lungs that never gasped
The belly of Earth turns, though some, consistent still
A locket ultrasound unclasped

And Roman strength, here her tender surplus thrives
We struggle, three, over rust hued stone
Wondering if I’m more or less limbs of wasted lives
Each exhale mine, thine, belongs not to me alone

A debt owed, uncollected
Fixed betwixt my beloved gemini stars
And though we will never meet, we are connected
Despairing at life, these short cut memories mars.

Brothers, sisters, if your silent selves I have betrayed
Know that my soul will carry on, loud, in this charade.

Sonnet #1

Shots cracked the marble night
Flint scrape, and muzzle spark
The resistance wasted to dirt, not flight
Eyes of dawn, set in faces of the dark.

The captain checked his cold timepiece
The squad, shaken, ambered brandy poured
And marked the second the romantics ceased
For bullet holes in flesh, they had seared and scored.

The squad, fresh trigger fingers trembling,
Hearing last words which could have been their own
Memories as tattoos for many nights fought, battles unending
When a war is civil, is it not fought alone?

They buried the rebels in their colours, the end of a new start
And spent the night regaling, battle of the Mind and Heart.